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Cool Gambling: Poker Hand Rankings

Posted by zykes 17 days ago (http://cool-gambling.blogspot.com)
One of the most important in the game of Poker is to have the knowledge on the Poker Hand Rankings. Knowing this information is a key to a beginning successful poker career. Players who are learning how to play poker must not only memorize this list, but also understand which cards comprise each hand ranking.

Girl Poker | online gambling

Posted by zykes 30 days ago (http://cool-gambling.blogspot.com)
Poker is a male dominated sport but there are also a number of very talented women in poker who not only hold their own but are up there battling it out and taking first places. Women have started to win games of poker and even manage to be better than men.

Free Wordpress Theme - Casinopalace

Posted by alpha2009 31 days ago (http://www.wordpressmanual.com)
A nicely designed 2 columns magazine style wordpress theme.
Pleas click on the title to view the demo and download.

Illegal Gambling

Posted by anonymous10007 44 days ago (http://casino-tip-reviews.blogspot.com)
Street Gambling is the worst gambling game for me, why? Because there are not in establishment, lots of fraud and cheats and of course is illegal. Street Gambling are haven't seen gambling games in Casino Establishment, some of these are not popular.

Avoiding Online Gambling Risks

Posted by anonymous10007 62 days ago (http://www.onlinecasinoadmin.com)
Online gambling, though it was fun and exciting it has many risks, aside from the risks on the game there are also the risks of scams and frauds.

Casino Wordpress Theme

Posted by alpha2009 63 days ago (http://www.wpgambling.com)
A beautiful casino/Poker wordpress theme with reviewtable,sidebar videos and adspots
Please click on the title to view the theme demo and download.

Learning Your Online Gambling Etiquette

Posted by anonymous10007 81 days ago (http://www.onlinecasinoadmin.com)
Online gambling is a whole different ball game to playing in the traditional sense, but there are still certain rules of online gambling etiquette that have to be employed.

Casino Chips Value | Gambling Tips

Posted by zykes 83 days ago (http://cool-gambling.blogspot.com)
To avoid embarrassed situation when going to a casino, especially when you are sitting down to play a $5 bet, not knowing that there is a green table limit sign on that table. Well! Only if you knew that a green color signifies $25, you would have been saved of that humiliation.

Casino in Christmas Season

Posted by anonymous10007 87 days ago (http://casino-tip-reviews.blogspot.com)
Christmas is a time for pleasure and sadness leaves you when you participate in the rituals of the Christmas season. You choose gifts for your beloved, you decorate the Christmas tree and string the colorful lights around the entrance to your home. You sing Christmas Carols and wait for the Christmas Greetings.

Poker | Online Poker

Posted by zykes 88 days ago (http://www.onlinecasinoadmin.com)
Playing Online Poker has now started to dominate the online casino industry. More and more gambling players are getting into playing poker because it's really enjoyable and yet challenging since it doesn't just rely on player's luck but also require some good analytical skills.




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